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What is Music Tube?

Music Tube is a free application allowing you to listen to music offline by sourcing its tracks from YouTube. You can use this app to play music on demand at any time. Besides, Music Tube made an impression on users with creating ready-made playlists with the latest songs in the world. Especially, you can add unlimited songs to your own playlist.

Feature Highlights | Musictube com

Music Tube has a lot of highlight featutes listed as belows:
– Firstly, the app allows you to play music in the background. It means you can use another app while running Music Tube.
– Next, Music Tube supports both Apple Carplay and Siri. Therefore, you access it on the car multimedia system to enjoy music even when you have no internet connection.
– Another highlight of Music Tube is unlimited content. You can access huge library of content including millions of songs.
– Additionally, the app supports Quick Search. With this feature, you can search the content you want by keywords.
– Getting all the hits worldwide and in your country is an outstanding feature.
– Music Tube lets you browser familiar music categories
– A favorite thing of Music Tube is the quality of audio and video. With Music Tube, you can immerse in music with the highest quality of sound and image.
– Especially, this app supports dark and light mode.

How to download and install Music Tube?

Music Tube is available on Apps Store or Google Play. Therefore, you can follow this procedure to download the app.
1. Go to Apps Store or Google Play
2. On the search bar, enter ” Music Tube” and click on ” Go”
3. Select the official Music Tube app from the result list.
4. Tap on the Get button to install
5. After the app is installed, launch the app then you can start playing audio and video.


With the outstanding features regarding unlimited content, the audio and video quality, Music Tube is an awesome option for listening to your trending music offine on Android and Apple devices.

FAQ MusicTube App

Is Music Tube app free?

Definitely yes. It is free and available on Apps Store and Google Store. You can download it easily to enjoy free music in the highest quality.

Is Musictube app safe?

Sure. Music Tube has high ratings and is used by the majorities. Therefore, you can rest assured about the app.

How do you use Music Tube Mp3 free download?

To use Music Tube, you can:
1. Go to Apps Store or Google Play
2. Search for Music Tube
3. Click the Get button to install
4. Once the app is installed, launch the app and start listening to music